About You

Hello You!

Youre an experienced driver. You worked hard to get your drivers license, studying your drivers ed, highway code, the theory of driving. You learned the different markings on the road, different speed limits for different types of road and what to do to keep safe and legal. You learned  the workings of your car. You practiced with different speeds, forward and reverse, you learned all the technical words and their meanings. You practiced really hard and finally got your precious license.

You were so excited to finally pass the test and be allowed to drive on your own. No-one needed to sit beside you because now you’re now fully licensed to drive without help. Maybe you drove a lot or a little, but somewhere along the line your confidence started going down instead of up.

Was it a gradual loss of confidence or did something happen? Not having a car for a while, travelling abroad or an illness can keep you off the road and its hard to get going again. Or was it a crash, a near miss or getting lost that knocked your confidence?

Whatever happened, dont give up. You need to know there is hope and that your driving confidence can be rescued, recovered and  rehabilitated. You can be back to and way above the level of confidence where you were before. So you will become not just confident again but even MORE confident  than ever. The even better news is that with new confidence comes more skill, so you will be even less likely to  have a crash, get lost, have a flat tire, run out of oil or have a fault due to neglect.

No more putting off journeys or turning down that job. Now you can take those opportunities that come along.  A trip with friends, sharing the driving on a long road trip, taking your kids to those fun and exciting places, starting your own business or getting that new job, or just driving to everyday places you need to go.

So dont give up, there is hope. If you’re willing to work with me on your driving, then together we can help your confidence to soar again.

I work with you to

  1. Drive further and drive to new places you want or need to go.
  2. Avoid fear of other drivers.
  3. Know the roads and what you can/cant do.
  4. Enjoy your driving.
  5. Know exactly what your car is capable of.
  6. Feel confident in strange areas and keep safe.

To find out more you can email me on DrivingConfidence@MoiraBenson.com


Published by

Moira Benson

A UK driving instructor for 10 years, helping experienced drivers worldwide to keep and increase confidence, even if you don't like driving and find it stressful. Although driving laws change from place to place, the basic principles never change.

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