What happens to our confidence?

Many things can knock our driving confidence, but there are also so many things that build our confidence up too.

So its no surprise that our confidence in driving, like other areas of life can be a bit up and down.

You get another job and start driving further every day and your confidence soars, but maybe you have a near miss or take a wrong turning or have a crash and your confidence drops again. I can completely understand how things that happen to you can change affect how you feel about your driving.

I hear so many stories about drivers who limit the places the can go to or times of the day when they drive. Their driving world get smaller and smaller until they almost want to give up driving completely. Gradually they let other people drive until it has been weeks since they got behind the wheel, then the weeks turn into months.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. I can help you turn your driving confidence around and instead of your driving world getting smaller, it can get BIGGER.

My passion is to help you build up your confidence and skills so that you will want to drive more and drive further each time.

Working together we start with where you are at now. [Just to be clear, you must be a fully licensed driver and you need a full, valid drivers license]. We set goals and help you to get to turn things back to where you are a happy, confident driver. It will be true confidence that comes from knowing what you’re doing, what your vehicle is capable of and what other drivers and pedestrians¬† are going to do next.

That’s true confidence.

You can email me on DrivingConfidence@MoiraBenson.com for more details.